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Information session

Information session on “Study and Living in Lithuania” by european graduate

Date: 06-08 March

Time: 11 am onward


Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

SSVF-General Information for students

On 1 July 2016, Australia will make a number of changes to its student visa processes. These changes include the introduction of a simplified visa framework known as SSVF.
Under the SSVF
 All international students will now apply for a single student visa (subclass 500), regardless of their chosen course of study.
 All international students will be required to apply for their student visa application online.
 A new immigration risk framework will be used to guide the evidence of English Language and financial capacity that a student needs to provide with their visa application.
More details can be found at DIBP Australia official webpage

Changes to Student Visa Processing for USA

Changes to Tourist & Student Visa Processing

May 17, 2016: U.S Embassy Kathmandu will begin reduced-document processing for tourist and student visa applicants. Beginning June 1, applicants for tourist and student visas only need to bring a few required documents to their visa interview.
In order to protect applicants from potential scams as well as save them money and time, applicants no longer need to bring bank statements, land titles, letters of invitation, or any similar documents. You will be asked to leave these types of documents with security.
Starting June 1, tourist visa and student visa applicants will only need to bring the following documents:
- Passport
- Any prior passports
- DS-160 confirmation page
- Application fee payment receipt
- Photos
- I-20 (for student visa applicants)
- Transcripts (for student visa applicants)
The U.S. Embassy verifies the authenticity of all academic transcripts brought to interviews.

Seminar & Spot Assessment

Meet Ms. Rachel Stirling (International Recruitment Manager)

Queenstown Resort College
New Zealand,
Date: 16th September,2014
Time: 11am onward
Venue: Winstanley premises