1. What does Winstanley refer to?
  2. The name Winstanley refer to the creator of first ever eddy stone lighthouse, Henry Winstanley. Being inspired by his magnificent invention, we consider ourselves like a lighthouse guiding & showing our students to right direction in order to achieve their aims.

  3. Is this British based company?
  4. There are lots of British companies named Winstanley. However, Winstanley Education is Nepalese company. Our corporate offices are located in the capital city of Nepal & Portugal.

  5. What is unique about Winstanley? Why Winstanley is different from others education agencies?
  6. We always work for quality not for quantity. By emphasizing in each details of student’s qualification & their language skill, we precisely recommend an appropriate destination & course for each individual rather than just enroll for any county. Moreover, we are approved consultancy from Ministry of Education, member of ECAN and Nepal Chamber of Commerce.

  7. Do you charge any fees to enter in your seminars?
  8. All the seminars organized by Winstanley Educational Consultancy is free & always will be.

  9. Do you charge for counseling & documentation? Prior appointment required?
  10. Counseling & documentation is free of charge. You don’t need any appointment to meet our counsellor. However, it would be better if you call our office for the particular counsellor that you want to meet or you can visit our website and fill up the online form. We highly advice bachelor level students to visit us with your parents or guardians.

  11. What is your office operation hours?
  12. We open Sunday to Friday, local time 10 am to 6pm.

  13. Which preparation classes can I do at Winstanley Education?
  14. We are offering international test preparation classes i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, GRE & SAT. To make it more convenient for students, currently we offer Japanese language classes for those students who are applying for Japan. Every Monday new class is starting.

  15. Which countries accept IELTS & TOEFL?
  16. IELTS is accepted by most of the universities in the world. However, American universities prefer TOEFL. We highly recommend you to take IELTS test if you are not applying in American universities.

  17. Do you offer any discount in preparation classes?
  18. Yes we do if you come in group.